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Our Integrative Medicine Services

Our experienced team of providers evaluates and consults on a variety of health needs, from chronic conditions to preventative medicine. We believe in taking the time to really understand your personal situation and goals and work to create an individualized plan for you. Our treatments are holistic and comprehensive, looking at the physical, mental, and metabolic components of your well-being. We strive to understand not just the symptoms that brought you to us but also how these symptoms fit into the overall picture of your health.

Whether you're looking for a hormone consult to have your hormones tested and balanced, lifestyle and diet coaching, group sessions, or anything in between, our integrative medicine clinic can help you reach your goals!

5 Star Experience

About Our Integrative Medical Clinic

At Venn Integrative Medicine, we want to understand your current health and lifestyle and how it’s impacting your life and overall well-being. Our integrative medicine approach combines traditional treatments with lifestyle changes so that you can find meaningful relief. We take into account every aspect of your wellness, including mind, body, and metabolic health to create an integrative wellness program that meets your individual needs.

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Why Choose Us

When you choose Venn Integrative Medicine as your integrative health center you can expect:

  • Personalized care and attention tailored to your individual needs

  • A comprehensive approach that takes into account the physical, mental, and metabolic aspects of your well-being

  • Experienced team of providers who understand treatments for chronic conditions as well as preventative care

  • Holistic treatments that focus on lifestyle changes in conjunction with traditional treatments

  • A telemedicine clinic that offers convenience and flexibility

Get in touch with our team today to schedule your virtual medical visit with our team and begin your wellness journey today!

What our customers are saying

“I feel like women who are in menopause are an overlooked and forgotten group who need the most help of all. I am so thankful to have found a provider who looks at my entire picture and can help me feel as young as I feel like I am”

- Becky B.

“It's almost 4 months, and I have lost around 40 pounds. I no longer have diabetes and the insulin resistance is almost gone as well. This has improved my work and home life. Working in healthcare I am picky about who I recommend and my expectations. I am happy to recommend Lindsay Venn PA-C and VIM."

-Thomas G.

"From my first visit, I felt listened to and understood. She had experience with other people like me, and knew that just because my numbers were “normal”, doesn’t mean they are optimal for me and my specific goals.She allowed me to make decisions based upon how I feel and what my body needs. I haven’t felt this good in a very long time and am so happy I found Lindsay!”

-Amy. J

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