Frequently Asked Questions

Get Informed

Are you able to order labs and medications if needed?

Yes, our providers are able to order any and all labs and medications you may require. In fact, our team is well versed in multiple labs that traditional providers may not be. We will listen to your concerns and requests and work with you to help you achieve your goals. Laboratory analysis is a big part of getting to the root cause of your concerns.

What if I don't live in Idaho, can I still have a consultation?

Our providers are working to obtain licensure in most states. Lindsay is currently licensed in Idaho, Utah, California, Arizona, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Delaware, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Wyoming, New York and Florida. We will continue to update this information as she becomes licensed in more states. If your state is not one that is listed here, you can still take advantage by using our coaching platform until your state becomes active. Please let us know and we can prioritize your state if needed.

What added benefit do I receive for using the membership program?

As you are aware, lifestyle and behavior change are difficult and complex and support is a big part of creating sustainable success. By purchasing the membership plan, you will have unlimited access to Lindsay and our team. We are great about getting back to you and we are passionate about providing the support you need to achieve your goals. It is worth the monthly fee to have unlimited access to such an experienced team.

What if I am not sure that Venn Integrative Medicine is a good fit for me?

Lindsay and her team are always happy to do a complimentary virtual appointment so you can discuss your goals and concerns. These appts are limited to 15 min but can be very helpful as you are trying to find a great fit for your personalized care. Schedule a free appt today!

What are your cash pay prices?

Lindsay strives to help as many as she can, therefore her cash pay prices are extremely reasonable. It is $200 for your initial visit to establish care, and after that, it is just $100 per visit. In most cases, this is likely to be less that what your insurance would require.

Can you bill my insurance?

Unfortunately, no. We have found through trial and error that billing insurance out of network was far more expensive than Lindsay's cash pay prices. So we have stopped offering insurance as an option. But that is why the cash pay prices are so reasonable.