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Venn Integrative Medicine offers a comprehensive suite of integrative health solutions designed to get you feeling your best. Our innovative telemedicine clinic allows us to provide personalized, evidence-based care in the comfort of your own home. We are an integrative health center providing individualized services to meet your unique needs and goals. Learn more about our specific integrative medicine services and contact our telemedicine clinic to schedule an appointment today!

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Evaluation and Consultation

Our integrative medicine approach combines the best of traditional and natural therapies to ensure you receive an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan. We provide comprehensive evaluations and consultations that include a thorough medical history, physical exam, laboratory testing, and more to ensure we understand the underlying cause of your symptoms and help you reach your wellness goals in the most effective way.

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Hormone Balancing and Optimization

Our integrative medicine approach to hormone optimization can restore balance in your body and reduce unpleasant symptoms, such as menopausal hot flashes or fatigue. We offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) that is tailored to meet your needs and optimize your health. Additionally, we offer Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for men that can help reduce fatigue, low libido, and other symptoms related to a testosterone deficiency. We will test your hormones and customize a treatment plan to restore balance in your body.

Medical and Prescription Weight Loss

At Venn Integrative Medicine, we offer an evidence-based weight loss program that focuses on lifestyle changes and medical treatments to help you reach your health goals. Our doctor will evaluate your health history, lifestyle, diet, and physical activity to develop an effective weight loss plan for you. We can also prescribe medications and supplements that may help you reach your ideal body weight more quickly and safely.

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What our customers are saying

“I feel like women who are in menopause are an overlooked and forgotten group who need the most help of all. I am so thankful to have found a provider who looks at my entire picture and can help me feel as young as I feel like I am”

- Becky B.

“I work really hard on my health, I eat right and exercise daily, but until I started HRT I simply could not feel as good as I deserved to feel. It has been life changing!”

- Jodi F.

“I have worked with other providers with my HRT and they failed to listen to what my goals with HRT were. I was always requesting they make changes and they would not. Finding a provider who LISTENS and helps me achieve my goals has made all the difference!”

- Susan Y.

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