What our patients say....

We have hundreds of patient success stories ranging from weight loss to reversal of chronic diseases to improvement in hormonal health and balance, just to name a few. Continue to read below to see what our patients are saying about Venn Integrative Medicine.

"My experience with Lindsay has been fantastic. She was recommended to me by my physician due to a long term battle with weight and an onset of diabetes. I set a goal that if I hit a certain weight I would give up trying to do it on my own and get help. I reached out to a medical colleague for an official appointment and blood work. I still remember how it felt when he told me I right on the line of being diabetic. He told me he's had a lot of success with a dietician, Lindsay Venn and VIM and that she will keep him in the loop and she can modify my prescriptions as needed."

"That is when Lindsay came into the picture. She spent as much time as I wanted explaining things to my wife and I. What I appreciated is she taught us how we preferred. She found out we had a medical background and used that language, but then re-explained it in layman's terms. I didn't feel preached at or shamed. I felt taught and by someone who really was passionate about what they did and in helping me. She worked with me to find a plan that has worked for me and my family. We have modified the plan along the way and fine tuned a lifestyle that I can live with for the rest of my life. She has followed up with and counseled me along the way. It's almost 4 months, and I have lost around 40 pounds. I no longer have diabetes and the insulin resistance is almost gone as well. This has improved my work and home life. Working in healthcare I am picky about who I recommend and my expectations. I am happy to recommend Lindsay Venn PA-C and VIM."

- Kalob P.

“I feel like women who are in menopause are an overlooked and forgotten group who need the most help of all. I am so thankful to have found a provider who looks at my entire picture and can help me feel as young as I feel like I am”

- Becky B.

“I work really hard on my health, I eat right and exercise daily, but until I started HRT I simply could not feel as good as I deserved to feel. It has been life changing!”

- Jodi F.

“Working with a provider who is experienced with HRT has been such a different experience than I had with my PCP. She gave me so many options and was able to educate me on all the pros and cons of each and recommended the route that was best for me.”

- Carolyn C.

“I have worked with other providers with my HRT and they failed to listen to what my goals with HRT were. I was always requesting they make changes and they would not. Finding a provider who LISTENS and helps me achieve my goals has made all the difference!”

- Susan Y.

"They ordered some bloodwork, but my labs came back “normal” and therefore, my concerns were dismissed despite my persistence that something was definitely wrong with me. I knew I shouldn’t feel the way I did, so I began to look elsewhere. That’s when I found Lindsay Venn, who specializes in metabolic health. From my first visit, I felt listened to and understood. She had experience with other people like me, and knew that just because my numbers were “normal”, doesn’t mean they are optimal for me and my specific goals. She allowed me to make decisions based upon how I feel and what my body needs. I haven’t felt this good in a very long time and am so happy I found Lindsay!”

- Amy J.