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Venn Integrative Medicine offers comprehensive integrative medical evaluations and consultations to clients across the nation. Our integrative health center connects our patients with an experienced practitioner who will assess their physical, emotional, and metabolic well-being. Through this online consultation, we are able to provide personalized integrative medicine plans tailored to each individual's needs. Learn more and get in touch with our integrative health center to schedule your online consultation today!

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Why Our Consultations Are Important

Integrative medical consultations are an essential part of any integrative health plan. During the consultation, our practitioners will evaluate and assess your current health in relation to your mind, body, and metabolic well-being. We will also discuss any current or previous conditions and lifestyle habits that may be impacting your health. From there, our practitioner will develop an integrative medical plan to best meet your needs. This telemedicine clinic consultation helps us determine personalized treatment goals and put together a plan that works for you.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Benefits of Our Integrative Medicine Approach

Our integrative medical approach can provide a number of benefits to patients, including:

  • Improved mental clarity and focus

  • Positive changes in body composition

  • Increased energy levels

  • Improved overall quality of life

  • Enhanced physical well-being

Our Integrative Medicine Consultation Process

We know that finding the right integrative medicine clinic for your goals can be a challenge. That's why our team here at Venn Integrative Medicine is here to walk you through our process.

The first step in our wellness program is scheduling your initial consultation over Zoom. During this visit, we will discuss your goals, go over your medical history, discuss your current concerns, and then start building a personalized plan for you. Along the way, we will provide you with accountability and support to ensure you’re staying on track and feeling good about the process. Get in touch with our team to learn more or to schedule your initial consultation today!

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What our customers are saying

“I feel like women who are in menopause are an overlooked and forgotten group who need the most help of all. I am so thankful to have found a provider who looks at my entire picture and can help me feel as young as I feel like I am”

- Becky B.

"It's almost 4 months, and I have lost around 40 pounds. I no longer have diabetes and the insulin resistance is almost gone as well. This has improved my work and home life. Working in healthcare I am picky about who I recommend and my expectations. I am happy to recommend Lindsay Venn PA-C and VIM."

-Thomas G.

"I felt taught by someone who really was passionate about what they did and in helping me. She worked with me to find a plan that has worked for me and my family. We have modified the plan along the way and fine tuned a lifestyle that I can live with for the rest of my life."

-Kaleb P.

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